Edinburgh Old Town Community Council meets every month (except August).



OTCC‘s purpose is to represent the Residents of Edinburgh Old Town



OTCC does this by focusing on what matters to people living in Abbeyhill, Grassmarket, Princes Street Gardens and The Royal Mile. We do this by :

  • listening to residents in Old Town and influencing what happens in their areas.
  • bringing local groups together
  • consulting with residents
  • contributing to local issues such as, planning, licensing and environmental projects
  • working in partnership with Councillors, MSPs, MPs, Police Scotland, NHS Lothian, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and the voluntary sector to identify and agree local priorities and develop and deliver local community plans to make the area better.
  • developing and delivering local community plans that help improve the experience of living in Old Town.


Our Priorities

To improve the experience of living in Edinburgh’s Old Town by:

  • Taking part in community clean ups.
  • Campaigning for better parking and transport.
  • Monitoring the upkeep of the area.
  • Applying for funding for local projects.
  • Organising and taking part in festivals, sporting and Christmas events.


Getting involved

There are lots of ways for you to get involved:

  • Take part in consultations.
  • Follow our updates here, on Facebook, Twitter and on local noticeboards.
  • Attend public meetings.
  • Become a member.

Everyone has something to offer, regardless of experience, interests and background. You may also develop new skills along the way: community council members receive training and support to help them carry out their tasks.


Further information

Please contact us to find out more about the work of the Old Town Community  Council. Keep up to date with our Posts Page for details of forthcoming meetings, and minutes of those that have taken place.